How to start a dirt bike? Whether it’s cold or hot starting 2022

Are you a beginner to handle your dirt bike? Or searching for a best guide who tells you how to start a dirt bike?

Is the starting process of a 2-stroke dirt bike the same as of a 4-stroke dirt bike or different?

And the most important, do you wanna know the starting procedure of cold engine & hot engine?

Hello everyone, you are at the right place to gain the knowledge about how to start a dirt bike. We will deal with each and every point in detail. 

How to start a dirt bike in easy way?

If you are aware of a dirt bike, then you must know it starts in two ways, either by electric start or by kickstarter.

Electric start is easy as all functions work properly without wasting a single mole energy. Whereas in case of kick-start, you should know the best procedure to start your dirt bike easily.

Before moving to the methods of how to start a dirt bike, let’s look into all necessary facts which May lead to trouble or can make it easier. 

Kick starting technique for a dirt bike:-

So, here you go for how to start a dirt bike in a standard way. See the procedure stepwise and follow them as well.

  • Turn on the gas petcock or press the ignition. 
  • Pull off the choke.
  • Ride on your dirt bike.
  • Don’t touch anything (brakes, clutch, throttle).
  • Gently put your feet over the kick-starter, slowly push it down and pull it up again and again. 
  • When you feel it kick, hit the starter with your full weight and your bike starts now. 

In such simple steps, you can start your dirt bike without so much drama.

But, I must say before going for a ride, please check it mechanically, whether there is something messay or if everything is fine. 

Have a safety ride with your dirt bike: 

Safety is too important before going for a trip.

About 60% road accidents happen only because of mechanical issues in the vehicle.

Although it’s a dirt bike which you can handle easily, I would suggest you to follow the safety measures. 

Is the Engine properly working?

If your engine is in good condition, it will last for a long time. And for good conditions, the engine should be in proper compress. You need to tune it regularly.

Whenever you start your dirt bike, notice its jetting, so that bike’s efficiency will remain good. 

Fill Proper Gas:-

Gas property will decide how long you could ride your dirt bike. Many pumps deliver gas mixed with additives. It leads a bad impact on engine and can damage gas pipe within weeks.

So, be aware what you are feeding your bike. 

All connections are well:-

Check the spark plug is tightly joined with the gas petcock.

Choke and Hot starter are flexible to move up and down. Kick-starter wasn’t stuck anywhere or in a smooth functioning.

Throttle twisting is easier or jabbing. If all these connections are good, it’s ready to start. 

Regular maintenance:-

If you want your bike to run for years and be in good condition. You must keep maintaining it.

Regular oil changing, cleaning air filters, keep checking valves or rings. Also, before riding the bike, warm it properly. 

These simple facts will never put you in trouble. 

How to start a dirt bike with electric start:-

It’s as easy as riding a scooty or cycle. Just click the start button and get ready to go. When you hit the button an electric current passes to the battery.

Now the battery moves the gears and then the bike starts. 

I know it looks pretty cool, but it’s not good if you are travelling in a muddy area. You are again stressed,right? Calm down, learn how to start a dirt bike with kick-starter. 

How to start a dirt bike (2-stroke)?

If you compare the starting procedure of dirt bikes, you will find that starting a 2-stroke dirt bike is easier than others. You just need to do it correctly else harsh kicking can damage the kickstarter.

Let’s see how to start a dirt bike:

  • Don’t turn on the gas valve at the beginning. Before doing so shake up the fuel. I know you wanna know Why? In some cases gas and oil have separated while they left for a long time. Now hold the handlebars and move it back and forth. 
  • Now turn the gas valve on and pull over the choke too. Choke is needed while the bike is cold. 
  • Get on your bike and pull out the kickstarter lever. Gently push down the kickstarter by your foot. Repeat it two to three times and then hit the starter. 
  • When your bike starts and keeps in running mode, it means your bike is in good condition. Twist the throttle slowly until the engine will be warmed completely, then put back your choke which can consume more fuel. 

Have a ride, but start in the slow motion for a few minutes and then ride it as a racer. 

How to cold start a dirt bike (4-stroke):

You May have seen different 4-stroke dirt bikes and all have different methods to start. Here, I’m going to deal with the liquid-cooled 4 stroke dirt bike. It’s time to see how to start a dirt bike when it’s cold. 

Turn on the gas valve and pull up the choke. 

Get on your bike before going for a ride, do something extra for a smooth start.

If your bike has an accelerator pump, just twist the throttle. In this way extra fuel will be released and for a cold start, more fuel will be needed. 

It’s time to twist the throttle twice to give extra gas. Put your feet on the kickstarter, point to be noted while kicking, don’t touch the throttle. 

Kick the starter harder when you feel it, if you kick it harder at the beginning can injure your leg. 

By following these steps, you can increase the lifetime of your bike. This is the easiest way to start your dirt bike even if you are in a hurry, it works quickly. 

How to start a 4-stroke dirt bike when it’s hot?

You have seen cold start a 4-stroke dirt bike, but what if it turns off suddenly while running. Don’t take too much stress, just relax and follow the instructions.

Have a look at how to start a dirt bike when it’s hot. Procedure is the same as the cold engine except for a couple of steps. 

  • Don’t pull up the choke while it’s hot, turn it off and find a hot start lever. But the older one had a knob in the crab. You can distinguish the choke and hot start lever by their colors. It’s red while the choke is black. 
  • Pull it up before kicking, but if it is hot start lever then pull it in and kick the starter. Don’t put your hand on the throttle until the bike will start. 
  • When your dirt bike will be started, put back the hot start lever back if it is in crab. 

If after trying the same process again & again and nothing works. In that case fuel is enough to start the bike. You need to wait for a while and then try it again.

But even if it still doesn’t work, it’s time to change the valve. Or you can see how to start a dirt bike when it flooded.

How to start a flooded dirt bike:-

I love to tell you the quickest and famous technique to start a flooded dirt bike. Do the two to three steps and see how it would start. 

  • Turn the gas valve off, put the choke down.
  • Remove the spark plug gently. 
  • Wipe off the gas from the plug and wait until it gets all clear. 
  • Start the bike by keeping the throttle wide open.

This action will be beneficial for a flooded dirt bike. 

How to start a dirt bike without kickstart:-

I know it sounds odd, but it happens sometimes. I’ll train you for such worst situations too. It might be possible that your kick starter & electric start both are not working.

There can be many issues like fuel is over flooded, battery is down or low compression, if this is the case then the method will work smoothly. 

Let me tell you how to start a dirt bike without kick starting too.

  • Turn off the choke, gas petcock or in just a simple line, put it in neutral. 
  • Push the bike as fast as you can and ride on it while pushing. 
  • Set the clutch up to second gear and stand on the bike by holding it. 
  • Now jump back to the seat and release the clutch simultaneously. 

If you can’t do the last step properly, this won’t help to start your bike. Do it again in the same way.

If none of the above procedures are helpful for you, I have one more way to sort out the problem. 

How to start an air cooled dirt bike?

It can be a little bit tough, but once you start coming regularly, it will be easier to start. Wanna know how to start a dirt bike when it’s an air cooled dirt bike.

You need to turn the petcock on and leave the choke up for a few minutes. As if you are friendly to your bike, you know where the top dead centre is. Give a full kick and here your bike starts. 

I have given all workable points or action plans, and if they lead you nowhere.

There can be severe complications, give it to a mechanique. They can resolve the malfunctioning in your dirt bike.

Note:- Once your bike will be mechanically okay or in a satisfactory manner. You should maintain it as I mentioned above. Find the Top Dead Centre as well, as this would be productive for easier starting of a dirt bike. 

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