Who Did the First Double Backflip on a Dirt Bike?

The first-ever FMX double backflip was performed by Travis Pastrana while he was participating in a competition in the year 2006. This kind of stunt can be performed on the sand made track or uphill and became the first-ever rider to perform this stunt.

Everyone wants to impress their friends and relatives by doing any unique activity. But only a few are the kind of people who has a great ability to perform amazing activities.

Maximum People become sportsperson or athlete.

But only a few are crazy about riding a dirt bike. And among those riders, only a few numbers of them are GOD gifted who can do extraordinary stunts. Here in this post, I am going to tell you who was the first person to do a double backflip on a dirt bike.

As Dirt Bike riding is something unique sports and in this lots of stunts are performed which cannot be done with normal bikes.

Normal backflip is already very tough and if someone does a double backflip then its a miracle and unique record that cannot be broken easily.

If you are familiar with the word backflip then you would have understood the complexity of this stunt. And if you are a beginner and want to know about the single and double backflip then this post contains all details about this.

Billions of people are there in the Whole world who ride bikes. Bike riding can be a passion for many people but Dirt Bike riding is an amazing experience for its lover.

Hence in any field a group of people and audiences there for appreciation. There are also people who are fond of this sport I mean to say Dirt bike riding.

First Person To Do A Double Backflip on a Dirt Bike?

Travis Pastrana is the person who performed first-ever double backflip on a dirt bike.

What is a Backflip

A Backflip in slopestyle is just like any other human backflip but here it is performed by a dirt bike. The rider tosses up the dirt bike his with full-body in a circular path and then he gets back to his initial position.

What is Double backflip?

When in a single attempt the two full rotation is performed in a single jump then it is called a double backflip.

I think now you have understood that What is a single and Double Backflip. You have also got the info that who has performed the first-ever double rotation. As you know it very well whether it is single or double rotation is not easy to do because it requires a lot of guts and also it is full of risks.

If you are a beginner then I would strongly suggest you learn how to ride a dirt bike for beginner guide first then be master on riding first after getting a good experience only you should go for a flipping.

After becoming perfect only you should target this stunt.

Who did the first double backflip on a motorbike?

Successfully the first double backflip was done by Travis Pastrana.

Has anyone done a triple backflip?

Josh Sheehan is the person who made the impossible thing possible by doing first ever triple backflip in 2015 and made a history.

Who did the first 360 on a dirt bike?

it was the year 2003 when brian Deegan did the firt 360 on a dirt bike.

Are backflips dangerous?

For maximum riders backflips are really a dangerous thing. When a rider jumps his bike then it is a tough task to get the good timing in the air and land safely on the ground after doing a backflip.

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