TM Dirt Bikes : A brief History

TM dirt bikes originated with the Italian hassle-free Standards. TM is that premium built a brand in Moto World, which some riders consider being top-notch in comparison to the one available in the market.

On the other hand, some hardly know about it, and that may be the reason for its unpolished market fame.TM dirt Bikes are relatively come out with there premium and high-end components designing arranged within the well-designed frame structures.

That provides the riders with the stunning comfort in creating results in terms of relief in Arm pump, such compatibility in the engine system that enables racers to ride on asphalt surfaces with the extrusion of engine internal component complexities.

Here is presented the establishment of such an adorable growth of dirt bike brand’s history that leads it to where it stands now. Yamaha dirt bikes are also liked by many riders. For your better knowledge here we have discussed Yamaha Dirt Bikes – History and Review.

Early Background

TM reflects the journey of two childhood mates named Claudio Flenghi and Francesco Battistelli established such a fantastic Moto Brand as where it stands today.

In 1976 the two of them, Flenghi, who have pre expertise in dirt bike engine designing and Battistelli, who knows Frame designing for dirt bikes, both have shared passion for dirt bikes and racing decided to create their first off-road dirt bike. In 1977, they both left off their previous professional fields and indulge themself for the creation of their very first TM dirt bike on talent-based premises, in the town of Pesaro on the Adriatic coast of Italy.

The name of the company that’s TM Racing name by combining the initials of each of their son’s first names that are Thomas and Mirko, and by the time of this, the brand is on track and starts running. The very first models of TM were on the market by 1978 and 1979.

TM soon gained reputation due to its exceptional quality and high-performance build-up, and in the meantime, the brand has established itself as one with those riders to recognize. After that, a Pesaro rider who is Gastone Serafini credit with helping Battistelli build up the bike, and this produced bike will go on produce great race results.

The TM acquired more recognition than before at the 1977 Milan dirt bike Show. As a result of this show, the manufacturing of
dirt bikes lead to an increase in such advanced growth that it moved from Flenghi’s private workshop(where it all started) to a new well equipped factory with the whole separate manufacturing unit located in the Pesaro industrial area.

In this same period, the “Serafini family” became one such part of the TM Brand, and during the time of 1978, the factory had the contract of manufacturing over 200 motocross bikes. In 1979, Tommaso Lolli hired to continue dirt bike manufacturing with Gastone Serafini.

This year, they designed the first TM enduro bikes that marked the very beginning of the development of the series of bikes under the branching classification of the models.

Battistelli, the Co-founder, decided to quit in 1982, and Gastone Serafini agreed to merge with Flenghi to keep the full business time.

Today’s Mark:

By now, TM started manufacturing 1,300 dirt bikes per year, with around 200 of those dirt bikes for the American market. The company currently has the potential to cover Enduro, Flat Track, Supermoto, and MX, in both two-and four-stroke models and as well as shifter-kart engines.

The brand also entered MotoGP, which is one of the classifications of the Moto 3 class, which limits the estimated engine size to 250cc. In the field of dirt bikes, TM has accomplished such difficult work to expand its 4-stroke reach, which currently involves 250, 300, 450, and 530cc relocations and much more.

Right now, the company is running a Motocross Grand Prix crew with one of the star riders Samuele Bernardini and Max Nagl, taking an interest in the 2018 MXGP arrangement and even filling in as one of the upgrade teams.

Also, the TM has a rider in the FIM World Enduro Series called Eero Remes, and he is currently driving the arrangement’s E1 class title. An individual named Ralf Schmidt of Gravity TM Racing USA fills in as the TM dirt bikes merchant in the United States.

After moving from South Holland to the UK, Ralf is the person who Imports TM dirt bikes in US., but also from the Netherlands. At this point, Ralf’s been with TM for a long time, working from a seller to a retailer.

He has managed regional amateur gatherings in the Netherlands, had an EMX 125 team, a significant fight group for WMX, MX3 riders, supports 300EMX GP riders, irrespective of everything.

Notwithstanding all that, three years ago, he founded a U.S.-based company that is disturbing and raising young riders just as much as motocross irrespective of tough terrain. TM Racing USA supported a rider who is Bradley East, a desert racer from Hesperia, California.

“Ralf appreciated the hard work that I am doing for the racing career, and with this, I can make myself in the 2018 TM Racing USA Team,” East said. “Ralf provided a lot of support to me a year ago. There is an incident I like to share, we were in the market for purchasing the new bike, and I want to buy TM100 model, Ralf brought to the table right out of the package, and Ralf’s dedication to the brand and the sport is beyond the expectation of anyone.”

In 2016 Bakersfield’s Robby Schott, another racer started working with TM and in the. The same year won the WACROS Pro 2 Title. Robby worked with so much dedication for the 125cc class (second AMA master in 2017), and as of now, he’s competing for a TM 250 2-Stroke in the championship of WORCS Pro, with using a 250A class model and securing the second position in the same.


TM is a genuine Italian company that has its name in the dirt bikes making industry for producing Bikes with its unique designing features and specifications. The brand never compromises with the materials required during manufacturing.

It manufactures every unit in every model with the best build quality that is possible with High-Grade materials selecting processing, designing units for unique and compact design, creating new ways for increasing the engine capability.

The TM Bikes are for those who want the best quality product that manufactures and less worry about the cost to purchase one for the same.