Motorcycle Leaking Oil: 5 Causes and Solutions You Must Read

If you ride a bike with an oil leakage problem, you better stop doing so. You are putting your life in danger, and avoiding it for a longer time will hit you hard. 

I keep hearing about bike fires due to oil leakage. To prevent fuel outflow, use my ideas and tips through this article. 

Is It Safe To Ride A Bike With Oil Leakage? 

Have you ever touched a bare current wire? 

Of course not; running a bike with oil leakage issues similarly means you are taking a dangerous risk.

Even though it’s not a difficult situation, your ignorance can damage the engine and lead to an expensive repair cost. 

If you want to ride a bike with engine oil licking while minimizing your hazards, driving fewer than 10 miles is pretty straightforward. But you are going more than this can make it difficult for you.

5 Common Causes Why a Motorcycle Leaks Oil? 

You may notice the oil leaks but can only recognize the causes with a piece of good knowledge.

There are several reasons, but only a few are essential; below are the five common factors that may create the issue in your motorcycle. 

1. Overfilled Tank

I know it sounds low, but filling a tank beyond its capacity will lead to oil leakage. And if you forget to tighten the tank seal, it will also cause oil seepages.

Whenever your bike requires fuel, fill it as per your need. 

2. Cracked Oil Filters

Oil filters separate contaminant materials to keep the engine safe and working. 

A faulty filter will not work as efficiently as a new one, allowing the impurity to pass through the motor and leading to an oil leakage problem. 

3. Old Valve Gasket

Replacing the old valve gasket is a brilliant idea; the valve gasket is equally responsible for sealing the oil as piston rings. 

If it becomes destructive or out of service, replace it quickly. Fitting a new gasket on your motorcycle is easy; you don’t have to take help from a technician or mechanic. 

4. Worn Out Piston Rings

Piston rings are responsible for sealing the combustion chamber so that oil will not leak into the cylinder. 

Over time, piston rings wear out and to keep the grease in its limitations; you should replace it.

Although you can do it at home if you are a good learner or finisher, if you are in doubt, then take professional help. Otherwise, you can read my article on the symptoms of bad piston rings. It will surely help you.

5. Damaged Engine Block

Engine blocks are an essential part of a motorcycle, but a damaged one will become the most dangerous enemy.

Inspect engine blocks closely; if you notice any crack or damage, replace or repair them as soon as possible, oil leaks from blocks will lead to severe accidents. 

How To Recognize When There Is An Oil Leak?

Chasing down an oil spill can prove challenging, and pinpointing the leak can be tricky unless you have these methods.

  • First, check the oil dipstick when the engine is cold or has been sitting overnight. When the level shows a drop over time, it is a sign that the bike is losing oil.
  • I have just mentioned cleaning those areas because this causes oil leakage. See if it gets wet again and again, then consider it an alarm bell.
  • Keep the newspaper under the motorcycle at night, so the stain is easily visible in the morning.
  • While riding, look for smoke from the tailpipe and if you smell oil burning on the road. So understand that oil is leaking.

How to Fix an Oil Leak? Simple Steps 

Once you recognize the problem, please find the best and easy solutions to fix it. You may think it’s hard to do it yourself, but that’s not entirely true.

If you have essential tools and enough space to resemble or repair the parts, you can do it at home without spending a considerable amount in the mechanic’s garage. 

1. The simplest method is to buy some best coatings to cover the holes and leak points in the Tank. Or you can also use a seal and spray it from outside to prevent seepage. 

2. If old oil is in the engine, change it quickly, as it will damage the gasket. Clean it from the inside and then do your task to cover it later, refill it with the new engine oil. 

3. If you find a gasket or valve out of service, replace it. To change the gasket or head gasket, take help from the technicians; it’s a challenging task. 

4. If the problem occurs due to loose connections, tighten up all the parts to stop oil leaks. Even after tightening the elements, it is still in the same condition; fix it with mechanics. 

5. The last option from where you can notice leakage is a blocked engine. Either repair it yourself or you need to replace the motor. Or if anything is worn out, without wasting your time, replace them quickly. 

How to Prevent Further Oil Leakage? 

With some clever and straightforward tricks or tips, you can prevent oil leakages so that you won’t have to fix them repeatedly.

I do various things to ensure the zero probability of seepages, and it will save both your time and money. 

1. Change Oil Regularly

As you can’t stay longer without changing your clothes, in the same manner, you can’t keep the old oil remaining.

This action will prevent corrosion, and the engine will last longer. Old oil converts into acid and starts eating internal parts, especially gaskets. 

2. Ride Bike Daily

Even if it’s not necessary to go outside, take a ride for at least five minutes. Your motorcycle is like your body; without exercise, you will become ill, exactly your bike will stop working well.

With a regular ride, the gasket inside the engine will keep working, and hence there will be zero chances of oil leakage. 

3. Inspect Your Bike

If returning after a long ride, let the bike cool down. Check the engine, gasket, and pipelines to ensure no oil stain.

If there is any sign of oil leakage, you may notice drained oil stains on the bike’s parts; your initial action will work quickly and save you from further significant investment. 

4. Avoid Over limited Oil

As I have mentioned above, if you fill the Tank beyond the limit, it will spill out with every break. Whenever your bike needs fuel, keep it within the limit. 

5. Make Your Bike Weather Resistance

The most common cause is a hole somewhere; with the help of paints, you can prevent corrosion and don’t let your bike under the rain for an extended period; it will gradually destroy your motorcycle. 

When Should I Get The Bike Serviced To Avoid Fuel Seepage? 

To keep the engine of the bike safe and avoid oil leakage. It is imperative to get it serviced.

Many already know about its problem, so they get the service done on time. So many people need more specific knowledge about it; they keep igniting their engine every day and weakening with it. 

Meanwhile, such a day also comes when they have to get their bike’s engine open and repair it, which significantly impacts their pocket.

If you also want such a situation not to arise, then you should keep some tips in your mind forever.

All the experts in the automobile industry say and believe that you should clean the carburettor once every 1500 km of the bike.    

You must be aware that motorcycles have the highest demand for lubrication as compared to most cars.

In general terms, the definition of engine oil is “a fluid that helps reduce friction as well as stays between the moving parts within the engine and therefore helps keep it cool.”

It can be compared to human blood, just as human systems need blood to function correctly; in the same way, oil or petrol is essential to operate a machine called a motorcycle. And if you ignore it, you will see the consequences soon. 

Is It Expensive To Fix A Motorcycle Leaking Oil?

Repairing an oil spill can range from $100 to $2,000. It depends on the high rate of oil spills due to the many different sources and locations of the leak.

Also, what type of motorcycle or bike you drive and its price depends. You can reduce the repair cost if you have the experience and knowledge to fix it at home. 

What Amount of Oil Leakage Is Too Much?

Even ignoring the single-drop leakage is a bad idea. Leak from oil pan or happening due to improper seals or bad gaskets, and avoiding these could lead to a hazardous situation.

However, you can ride your bike with small leaks, but not for fun; ride it to reach the destination where you will get the solution to stop oil leaks. 


You can use several methods to repair an engine or when motorcycle oil leaks. Others try the “do it yourself” process, some employing an expert and using problem-solving tools and products.

Either way, prevention is better than cure, so proper maintenance is best to avoid high repair costs.

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