How To Get a Title For a Dirt Bike?

Many people use dirt bikes without titles because if they get a title and register on their name so they would have to pay sales tax, but this is illegal, you should get a title. If you have a lack of information for getting it, then this article How to get a title for a dirt bike is a good answer to your query. If you are searching “Do I need a title for the dirt bike” then you will get this answer here and a good solution of this.

One chance of not getting a title is if you sell the bike you’ll not get the expected price. So you are going to purchase or already purchased a used dirt bike, and you want to get a title and to register on your name?. So we’ve cleared your doubt regarding getting a title in this article.

What is a Bike Title?

The Bike Title is nothing but a part of your bike.  It is a Legal Proof of Ownership. It identifies the name of the person who owns the bike. But what is the Bike Title? How can you make it easier for you to know who the owner of your bike is?

In simple words, the Bike Title is the serial number of your bike. If you are a beginner, you may want to check the serial number of your bike before buying it.

However, if you are already experienced in dirt bike riding, you can simply purchase the bike with the help of its serial number.

Now that you have found out the serial number of your bike, the next step for you is to find out the Bike Title. Your bike title is the information that can help you have the legal right to drive your bike.

The legal right to drive can be used to have insurance coverage for your bike and other expenses involved in owning a dirt bike.

The Bike Title is a way to identify the owner of your bike. Before you go and buy a bike, you can try to find the serial number of your bike first.

To be able to prove your ownership of the bike, you should present these documents with the Certificate of Title along with the complete registration. The details that you need to look for are the name, address, birth date, and phone number of the owner.

If the owner of the bike insists on returning the said papers, you can hire a lawyer to dispute the ownership of the bike.

It is possible that the lawyer will challenge the owner of the bike in court. For you to be able to prove your ownership of the bike, the Bike Title is a must.

The Bike Title is a legal proof of ownership and can be used in making your claim for the insurance of your bike. You need to prove that you have the right to use the bike and so you need to present the Bike Title.

  • Title number
  • Tax Details
  • Model Number
  • Manufacturing Year
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Owner’s Name and address

How to Get the Title For a Dirt Bike?

If you are looking to buy a dirt bike that does not have a title, the first thing is recommended tracking down the original owner and trying to get that figured out before you start spending any money.

If the guy you are trying to buy it from is not the original owner take the VIN number that should be on the bike and if the VIN is scratched or any way shape or deform or the sticker does not match, so just walk away front here don’t even think a single minute there, just don’t waste your time there.

In the case, everything matched and the bike is in good condition, you should run the VIN number yourself on a generic website before you go to the DMV that’s free. Once you get to the DMV, you can pay some dollar, and you can get their last registered owner’s name and address.

You can attempt to make a contact with the last registered owner and if you cannot do that via a letter or social media or what have you if you can get a certified letter that is returned to you and you can show interest in the bike.

This might include a bill of sales and receipts showing that you are presenting a case so to speak to the DMV headquarters that you are trying to obtain a title for a dirt bike that is not yours.

So you can write a letter along with a stack of receipts and a list of work that you’ve done and then you have to write a paragraph explaining why you are trying to obtain this title. If everything is right, then your case will be accepted, and you will receive the title via mail.

How Do You Check the VIN Number on a Dirt Bike?

A VIN is also called as “Vehicle Identification Number” is a unique identifier for a particular bike or any vehicle that is printed on its label. As a vehicle passes through the dealer’s floor, it is marked with the car identification number and then becomes part of a registry system.

Vehicles whether 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler has to be registered before they can be used on the roads or tracks. The VIN is printed on the body of the dirt bike or dirt bike. It is a way to track down the real dirt bike or dirt bike owner.

Grab the VIN of your bike

Find it on the body

Now if you want to check the VIN, you may want to know where it is present. Many dealers of the vehicles mark this on the front of the dashboard. But in many cases, there is a possibility that you need to search where is it in your bike or vehicle ?.

Get it from Papers

If you want to find out how to check the VIN on a dirt bike, you will first need to take a look at the registration papers for your bike. It may be written somewhere on the papers, or on the registration form. When you get it back, put it into your computer.

Make sure that you don’t leave any writing anywhere else on the frame of the bike. This could be considered vandalism, and you will need to have it taken care of immediately.

Now that you know how to check the VIN on a dirt bike, you can choose any bike to have. If you don’t have the license plate number, you may need to look through your records to see if anyone else has bought the bike.

If the owner of the bike doesn’t write the VIN somewhere on the frame of the bike, you can take a look on the internet and search for the registration papers. If you don’t find it, you can always send them an email and tell them that you’re looking for it.

Tips for Buying Bike and Getting Title

Good things to look for on a dirt bike, first of all, you want to check the bike and see if there’s any significant damage you can see. You want to look for it has been laid over, see scratches or things broken, broken mirrors. You want to get on the bike, see how it feels, see if it’s a good fit for you.

  • Ask if the bike seller owns a title of the bike. It is most important that a bike owner has a title, if someone has stolen the bike then he cannot have a title.
  • A bike owner can never claim a bike sell without a legal ownership paper.
  • Find out whether the bike has been purchased with financing it. You need to check out if there any instalment is due. By checking the VIN you can get the idea of dues money. Otherwise, you will be the person who will face the issue and have the burden of paying the balance instalment money for the bike. The title is a necessary document where you can get the answer for the balance money also.
  • You may be belonging to any particular state of the United States. So you need to notarized the purchase you are doing. If you are living in Michigan, Florida, Colorado, pa, Illinois, coma et cetera you need to make the sale official
  • One of the most important things is to verify the vehicle identification number. You need to check the VIN present on the vehicle is matching with the title.
  • Before getting the title, run the VIN number of dirt bikes to check if the bike is not registered as stolen or with any other issue. Ask the previous owner for their title and match the VIN number present on the title and on the bike to check if the bike is the same or not. Follow these steps, and you’ll successfully get the title without any issue.

Important Points to be known before buying a bike:

  • Ask they own a title of the bike
  • Run the VIN
  • Verify the Vehicle Identification Number

How to Get a Title For a Dirt Bike With a Bill of Sale?

After you have found the owner of a dirt bike, it is time to get the title for the bike. If you are looking for how to get a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale, then you need to follow the steps below to get the best results.

Read the Bill

First, you should go through the dirt bike very carefully. Read every bit of the bill of sale very carefully. There might be various liens against the dirt bike. These include titles, other liens, and repair bills.

Know about the owner of the bike

Make sure that you know who the owner of the dirt bike is.

Check if the owner has an insurance policy that will cover you against theft. If you don’t know the owner’s insurance company, you should ask the dirt bike seller to give you his policy number.

Go to a title company

Another way to get a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale is to take the bike to a title company. A title company will examine the dirt bike very carefully and give you a title for the dirt bike. In most cases, you will be given the owner’s name.

However, you need to be very careful in choosing the company to find the title for the dirt bike.

This is because there are many fake companies out there that will just make your life difficult by giving you bad titles. Therefore, when you go to find a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale, make sure that you don’t fall for these scams.

Buy dirt bike from the seller

Another way to get a title for a dirt bike with a bill of sale is to buy the dirt bike from the seller. This is because when the seller sells the dirt bike, the seller can list the dirt bike in the title search. If you have some problem with the dirt bike after you buy it, the seller may not be able to list the dirt bike.

You should also check the history of the dirt bike. If you did not find any problems in history, then the dirt bike must be legitimate.

Find out whether the title is valid

Find out whether the title for the dirt bike has been suspended by the government. This is a sign that the title is probably bogus and should be ignored.

Sometimes, you might be able to find the history of the dirt bike by asking the seller to give you the report of the title. If the seller is not giving you the report, then it is probably time to look for another seller of the dirt bike.

In most cases, you should get a new title for the dirt bike. If you can not get a new title, then you should call the police to get the owner.


Buying a dirt bike needs some facts to be familiar with. Getting a title for the dirt bike is also one of them. In this post, we have described how to get the title for a dirt bike and tips for getting a title. I really hope you will find this article useful and implement what you have read here.

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