Carrying Dirt Bike Fuel: 19 Essential Things You Must Know

While riding outside, far from your house, you could need more fuel. However, you might not be aware of the ideal approach to transporting the additional fuel for your dirt bike. What might the ideal solution be?

The 21 suggestions listed below can help you keep safe while riding your dirt bike while carrying fuel.

You’ll get annoyed if you run out of fuel, but how can you transport fuel safely so that it doesn’t catch fire?

Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to carry extra fuel conveniently on a dirt bike. You can use a fuel bladder, a fuel bottle, a Jerry fuel can, an auxiliary fuel tank, a dessert tank, etc. You won’t need to be anxious while riding out of the city because it is a safe approach. Having extra petrol will enable you to go without hindrance.

Essential Ways to Carry Extra Fuel On A Dirt Bike

Even if you may have encountered these problems before many times, you now have additional options.

The optimal approach is as follows; read about the benefits and additional characteristics. You’ll recognize their practicality and affordability, as well as their availability.

1. Auxiliary Fuel Tank 

Similar to a petrol can, but with the ability to be fixed to your bike. These extra tanks can be mounted on the handlebars, the back or the front of your motorcycles.

Connect the additional tank to the main tank so that it can be conveniently fed. The advantage is that you don’t have to stop your car to swap out the original tank.

2. Different range of capacity 

The smallest one, which is for handlebars, has a capacity of 2 litres. On the other side, you can buy larger sizes, like 3L, 5L, or more, for the front and back tanks.

Depending on your needs and how much you can carry, you can purchase it.

3. No additional weight 

These tanks are made of plastic, which is incredibly light. The only thing that can make it heavy is the amount of gasoline used; this was done on purpose.

It implies that you are relieved of the burden of transporting two massive metal tanks.

4. Safe for riding

There is no safety concern; it’s just a different fuel tank that functions in the same way as the conventional tank. They are also simple to carry and utilize.

5. Cheaper than other fuel tanks:

The gasoline transforming system is cool, enticing you to invest in such priceless materials even if it will cost more than the fuel bottles but less than the desert tank or any other fuel tank.

You won’t need to stop anyplace if you can afford to acquire this most advantageous tank and also wish to get a desert tank. You have the extraordinary ability to travel the world with either. It can be readily fixed, and it is robust.

6. Desert Tank 

The ideal alternative to your stock dirt bike tank is a Desert tank. The tank can be changed, and it is available in a large size. But getting one is difficult because many bike models don’t come with them.

You must carefully review all the information below, including its fuel capacity, cost, weight, safety, and other aspects.

7. High fuel capacity

A desert tank has a maximum capacity of 15 litres, although a dirt bike tank may have a capacity of 10 to 12. Or, if you desire a fuel tank with a little capacity, get a smaller size. There are desert tanks in every size and efficiency.

8. Minimal tank weight: 

Although it’s small, you must choose a deserts tank to balance the overall weight when you replace your dirt bike tank.

However, the weight of a fuel tank entirely depends on the volume of fuel that will be filled. To minimize an imbalance while carrying extra fuel options, please put it in the center.

9. No extra safety issue: 

You shouldn’t be worried while carrying this extra fuel tank because both options—buying a new one or continuing to use the conventional fuel tank—are secure.

You must be conscious of the fuel’s weight; either a full or heavy tank may cause issues. The existing tank can be replaced without changing the rider’s position or how the bike handles, making it the most useful component.

10. Money value product: 

Though it may seem pricey, haven’t you heard that a product with a high money worth is a wise investment?

Once you invest, you can use it forever. The minimal pricing are available online on marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist, among others. It’s not a bad deal to get a fuel tank with such a large capacity for a price that will last for a long time.

You’ll feel your heart melt. Once installed, it will suit your dirt bike perfectly. If this large tank is insufficient for your intended riding distance from the fuel station, you may want to consider other options. If not, it is a one-time investment that will serve your needs.

11. Jerry Fuel Can 

We are including it here because it is cumbersome and cannot be mounted on a dirt bike. However, it has a larger capacity and is also reasonably priced for everyone.

You must manually transport it and position it in the ideal location because it cannot be fixed, preventing you from having to carry it about as a burden. When fuel is needed, open the tank, pour the fuel into the Jerry can, and close the tank. You should be aware of its additional specialty.

12. More capacity than your expectations 

Many of you are considering your capacity for carrying, whether it be 1L or 2L, but Jerry might surprise you. 20 litres is the maximum capacity, and it can transport 5 to 10 liters. Don’t load that greater weight, however, lest you be foolish. Your journey will be ruined. Bring a 10-liter can with you if you’re planning on traveling farther; that will be enough.

No difference would exist between purchasing a metal or plastic can. Both are more portable and suitable for lengthy rides.

13. Proper carrying is a must: 

You can’t just tie it anywhere, as it can hold a lot of fuel. That doesn’t mean you will fill it to the maximum. Both containers are designed to be tough, and there will be no issue of leakage.

But, it would be best if you took away a funnel to be used while putting the fuel in the standard tank. Another problem you may face while attaching them to the bike is making sure they will be closer to the centre for perfect balance. 

It will be easier to fill, but mounting it could be challenging. Then buy an extra metal box to keep the things inside and fix it on the bike. In this way, you can easily handle those heavy weights. 

14. Very cheap container 

It would be the cheapest way to transport fuel. They cost only 10 dollars to purchase. The largest one has a great capacity and will cost you less than $50. The price of a Jerry can is lower, and you don’t have to worry about saving money for such possibilities.

It will achieve your goals and is a great budget-capable option. It is ideal for the lengthy journey and provides a high at a moderate cost. But it would be a burden if you were riding a trail. You can purchase them from hardware stores or gas stations; they are widely accessible.

15. Fuel Bladder 

The best time to pack bladders into your backpack is when it is empty since you can wrap them up.

When your bike is finished, strap them on and store them somewhere, preferably in a backpack or on the handlebars.

16. They offer a wide range of capacities. 

Think about what range would be optimum for your bike if you wanted to use such items as additional gasoline. In addition to a variety of capacities, they also provide alternatives for custom production.

Most bikers opt to get a 15-litre bladder. It includes a spout and nozzle to make it simpler to fill the tank before rolling up. A desert tank can be used to investigate various low-capacity choices; these modest sums will also be beneficial.

17. A little bit heavier than others: 

When it’s empty, it’s not an issue, but when it’s filled, it will be heavier. Those who wish to take full advantage of their ride will never choose to add more weight.

I believe that if you want a safe option at a fair price, you should take into account the fact that whatever load you have to carry will ultimately be empty.

18. Tested for safety purposes: 

They have been tested and shown to be capable of holding the gasoline, so it is secure. However, don’t put it in your backpack; instead, hoist it onto the front or the handlebars of your bicycle.

Please arrange them in a visible location and then roll them up so they can fit into a bag. Until you opt to carry more gasoline, which could be substantial, there won’t be any issues.

19. Available at a reasonable price: 

It won’t cost more than $150 to buy either a 15L or a low capacity bladder. It is not difficult to find a huge fuel storage device. You can ask your neighbors for a lower fee if you want to.

The new bladder is more cost-effective than the outdated desert tanks, therefore it would be preferable if you chose it.

You decide if you need the biggest container or just carry the smallest. It is inexpensive, convenient, and simple to store as well. You ought to invest in those 40-litre gasoline bladders if your entire family enjoys riding outside.

Safety Tips While Carrying Extra Fuel on a Dirt Bike

Adhere to certain safety precautions when transporting extra fuel. Here are some crucial pointers to help you avoid any errors. 

  • Never wear a waist pack, jacket, or backpack that contains gasoline. Fuel is explosive and easily ignites. You wouldn’t want that for yourself.
  • Fuel shouldn’t be brought over because having too much is bad. Always have the necessary fuel on hand.
  • Ensure the fuel is tightly sealed and cannot leak.
  • Never store fuel in unreliable containers that weren’t made for it.
  • Consider the quality of the fuel you plan to put in your fuel tank. Additionally, never use the leftover fuel from a ride; something will go wrong.


Don’t forget to use caution when hauling fuel or explosives. We’ve covered crucial details on how simple it is to carry extra fuel on a dirt bike.

When traveling far from home, it will be useful to you, and it is also a good idea if someone needs fuel. Join our mailing list to receive updates and read more dirt bike posts.