Who Did The First Triple Backflip on A Dirt Bike

History is made when something amazing is done by a common man. Here we will discuss an amazing stunt in the field of Dirt Bike riding which has made a record and once it is made it remains to be unbroken and this is when done, the history is recorded. In this article, we will tell you Who Did The First Triple Backflip on A Dirt Bike?

It is the law of nature that people do not remember who is in the second position but anything which is done wonderful and only one person who is in the first position is always remembered.

If someone did it in history and which is unforgettable even if it is broken by another person after if it remained for a long period. That name will be always remembered and kept in mind.

I will give an example about a cricket match where one batsman scored a century in just 37 balls and this record was not broken for a long duration that is near about 10 to 15 years and even if it has been broken now but is still remember that person’s name.

Why am I giving you the example for this because here in this post we will be talking about one record in the field of that bike riding and this has never done before and this has created a history and I hope it will last for a long time.

Who Did The First Triple Backflip on A Dirt Bike

The first-ever triple backflip was performed by Josh Sheehan on FMX motorbike. This stunt was performed by him on April 28, 2015. He was working as an athlete in the Nitro circus.

If you don’t know who has done the first-ever double backflip on dirt bike then I would like to tell you that Travis Pastrana is the man who performed the first double backflip.

What is a Triple Backflip?

When in a single attempt the full three rotation is performed in a single Jump on a dirt bike then it is called a triple backflip? Double flip is something which seems never to be unbroken when it was made in 2006, but history has been made and the old record has been broken by the triple flip.

Nobody had thought that anyone can do a triple backflip when in 2006 the history was made by doing double flip it was just impossible for anyone to think or imagine that a triple flip can also be performed but now we are a witness for this. Everything is in front of us.

We can say that history has not been repeated but it has been created.


Everything in this world is going to change tomorrow so if today someone has created a record then definitely in future it is gonna broken by someone else. Nothing is made permanently. In this post, we have described who did the first triple backflip on a dirt bike and earlier of this post we have also discussed the first double backflip done by a Rider if disposed of tells you that information useful for you then do subscribe to us.